Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get in touch.

I like to run. It's a great way to exercise, get yourself into shape and it's really quite enjoyable. I would rather run outside, in nature than on a treadmill. Mainly because you get more of a workout with the various inclines and such. But more so than that. When I run outside I'm constantly looking around, checking out my surroundings, scoping out the environment. It really makes me think about God. How he made all of it. My last blog touched on this a little. God made Earth. He placed us where we are with what we have for a reason.

 I truly envy treehuggers. The nature freaks, the ones that don't have running water or toilets. Because they are more in touch with what God created than any of us. We have surrounded ourselves with technology, things to keep us entertained. We have smart phones, television, computers, video games. All of these things were created by people to keep us entertained. I don't know many treehuggers that own an xbox or a laptop. They love the outdoors. They stay entertained by walking around, enjoying what God put in front of them, they admire the little things, flowers, lakes, animals. They are in touch with God's surroundings. I know people that sit around and play games or stay on the computer for 17 hours a day. I'm not saying that is a terrible thing. I'm just saying we need to learn to open our eyes and notice our world. God created this for us, why take advantage of it? Why overlook it?

Sitting outside, either on the front porch, back deck or even in the street is a great way to see what God placed in our lives, too visualize what He's created for us. I love, I mean LOVE reading outside. There really isn't much better than finding a good book and going outside and just reading. The birds chirping, the kids playing. They just add to the intensity of it. I would've never thought that just being outside could be so amazing, so awesome. One day I just really opened my eyes and looked. I saw that what God has done and it is absolutely insane. Insane, in the most jaw dropping, awestruck way. In my mind, the smallest things can make the biggest impact. Just walking around the neighborhood, looking at the way the grass moves when the wind blows over it just right or how the birds fly is awesome.. I personally couldn't be a tree hugger. Running water is a pretty big priority in my life. But, I feel like we should all stop taking advantage of our surroundings and get in touch with what God placed in our lives.

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